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Featured Store: Ulah



  Today, concept lifestyle stores are a dime-a-dozen. Every store claims to embrace the lifestyle trend by promoting more than one facet in their business. For example, stores will sell both Apothecary and Home Goods. However, one store in Kansas City really has pioneered the lifestyle experience by creating a store catered to every man’s needs. 

Ulah was founded by Joey and Buck, who “discovered their professional experiences, modern design sensibilities, and rustic roots could intersect to create a point of view that could bring a new men’s retail experience to Kansas City.” The key word in that blurb is “experience.” Ulah isn’t just a retail store front, it really is a lifestyle experience. As Joey said in an interview with Mr-Mag, “I think a lot of brands say that they are lifestyle brands, but we want to embody what lifestyle really means.” Ulah does that by carrying everything “a modern man needs in his life.” 

From activewear, denim and casual, and suit separates — to gifts, home accents, and furniture, Ulah curates an experience that any man can gain something from. Ulah goes above and beyond in their shopping experience as their store features 20 foot ceilings with a video wall, a bar, a lounge area, an outfit grid wall, and lofted office and back stock area. A store-front as amazing as Ulah needs equally amazing stock, and that it does have. Ulah carries brands such as Hex, Frye, Goorin Bros, Descendant of Thieves, Life After Denim, Rag and Bone, Sol Angeles, and Nifty Genius, just to name a few. Ulah’s slogan: “Dress for Life” perfectly articulates and encompasses all that the store stands for. Ulah elevates what the lifestyle experience typically means to truly enhance good design and make high style “more accessible and relevant to more parts of a man’s every day life.” So, if your life can use a bit of an upgrade, visit Ulah near Kansas City next time you’re in the area.


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