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Influencer Spotlight: @_TheDL

1. How did you become an influencer? 
I feel like I kind of fell in to influencing. I started by simply posting outfits as a way of tracking my own style and sharing the creativity that I was experimenting with outfitting. Instagram was young back then and I started to see some real attention given to my outfit posts. I realized that people were finding my content and utilizing it as inspiration for their own outfits! 
2. What is the biggest perk to being an influencer?
I love the connection that I can have with my audience. Answering questions from intrigued viewers, interacting with companies and building my community has been one of my favorite parts. It is incredible to work with top-notch companies and build friendships with people across the world. 
3. What is the biggest challenge in being an influencer? 
Being everything to everybody. I do my best to give 100% to everyone that I interact with. If it is a company or an individual viewer I attempt to do as much as I can, but at the end of the day there are only so many hours! 
4. How do you decide what to wear in a post? 
This is a process that can take me 10 minutes or an hour! Sometimes I will start with a key piece that I am attempting to highlight and other times I consider an entire look from the start. When picking the key piece I usually build off of the color and style that the piece offers. For example if I am highlighting a leather wingtip shoe I will first decide if the outfit will be formal or casual. From there I can build the outfit piece by piece.
There are certain times that I am aiming for a certain genre of look;perhaps a streetstyle look or a rustic look. I then pick pieces based on that genre!
5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to make their Instagram feed "flow" more?
-Consider the color! When posting think about the photos that surround your newest post. Do the colors balance well or are you editing in 5 different styles. 
-Pick 1-3 filters and stick with them. If you bounce around your photos will all have different tones, different whites, and that will show up on your feed!
-Think about the content of the photo. Are you trying to diversify? If so don't post 10 pictures standing up in your outfit in a row. Try sitting, flatlays and more.
6. Do you have a full-time job? If so, what is it? 
I do actually! Sometimes I feel like I have more than one! I work in Visual Merchandising, Advocacy and Sales within retail spaces. I also am 50% of the band Citizen Shade. Between those two and influencing I stay pretty busy!
7. What is your favorite trend in Mens Fashion? 
I love the blend of high and low pieces that we are seeing in fashion currently. An example would be cropped suit pants with white sneakers, a laid back jacket and white shirt. There is a real attention to casual wear currently and ensuring that the casual wear is still as constructed as the formal wear!
8. What is your staple piece to wear in winter?
I am currently in a topcoat mood. I love the length that a topcoat provides and as someone who is taller (6'2") I find that the length really lends to any outfit. Topcoats go great with a suit as much as much as they do a hoodie and jeans.
9. What do you predict the biggest men's fashion trend will be next?
Muted color palletes, bulky runner shoes, and a nonchalant but thoughtful approach to outfitting. 
10. What advice would you give to a man who is looking to dress better?
Start with key pieces, go thrifting and take as much advice as you can. You do not need to have 12 suits, 50 pairs of shoes and the wardrobe of your favorite influencer to start dressing better. You can start with a solid pair of jeans, a good oxford and a go to blazer. Figure out how you can wear these while maintaining a diverse/clean look and then keep building!