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Influencer Spotlight: Raymond Kim


1. How did you become an influencer? 

In September of 2016, I randomly came across an outfit layout on Instagram and thought it was the perfect way to showcase my fashion style in the comfort of my own home. As a test, I created "MrJunho3" and posted a few outfit layouts. My photos were well-received and it was then I decided to become an "influencer." 

2. What are some of the biggest perks of being an influencer?

For me, the biggest perk is being able to meet amazing business owners and working on campaigns/projects together.  

3. Do you have a day-job?

Yes, I do. I work in digital advertising/sales. 

4. What is your go-to Fall piece?

My favorite go-to fall piece is a light bomber jacket. I love that you can easily pair a bomber jacket with a flannel/dress shirt or a simple t-shirt. It has a minimal/clean look with a sprinkle of that street vibe that I like. 

5. What do you think the biggest trend is going to be this fall?

Quilt pattern jackets. 

6. What is the one accessory every man needs in his closet? 

A watch. In my opinion, a watch completes an outfit.  

7. What is your process when it comes to planning and executing photo shoots

Since I work with a lot of vendors, I have to plan out my posts in advance. On Saturday morning, I look at my schedule and prepare 14 photos for the coming week (I post 2x per day). All my photos are taken in my living room so I will lay out 14 tops, 7-8 bottoms, and bring out my bin of accessories and starting putting outfits together. Yes, my living room looks like a tornado went through it after my last photo. 

8. What has been the biggest challenge you've faced as an influencer? 

The biggest challenge that I've faced (and continue to face) is trying to understand and learn the Instagram algorithm. It's become a lot harder to grow your following in the last 6 months so I'm constantly thinking of new and creative ideas to get my content out to new followers.  

9. Do you have any tips for aspiring Instagram influencers? 

Put in the work/time and be consistent with your posts. Think of creative collaboration ideas and execute. Have fun! When you start having fun, success will find you. Trust me on this one. 

10. How do you balance social life with work and being an influencer?

Since I take my outfit layout photos on the weekend, I find time throughout the week the spend time with my wife, family and friends.