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Meet the J.P. Chino

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   If you haven’t heard about our signature J.P. Chino pant yet, then you are missing out. We don’t mean to toot our own horn but these pants are the Best. Pants. Ever. It’s a bold claim but don’t take it from us: after trying on our J.P. Chinos at Revolvr in Oregon, one customer exclaimed, “These are the most comfortable pants ever made!” This is something we hear a lot about our Chino and well, it comes at no surprise. Why? Since we have constructed the J.P. Chino to be the epitome of style, comfort, and durability. Let’s talk about each.

  Style: You know the expression, “if it fits, buy one in every color.” With that in mind, we have made the J.P. Chino in colors suitable for every season. From Classics like black and navy to Spring-ready shades such as Light Grey and Tan, these pants are in style from Winter to Fall. The J.P. Chino design is equally stylish. The brushed flannel curtain waistband provides a sophisticated construction to a casual pant. The front closure is finished with a contrast Italian Plum embroidered button hole and a logo engraved button for added class. And the pant wouldn’t be a Nifty Genius original without our signature Ultrasuede labels and trim, which add a luxurious visual and tactile aesthetic to every piece.

  Comfort:  Now this is what the J.P. Chino is known for: comfort never before seen in a pant. What’s the secret? It’s the Japanese peached four way stretch cotton sateen. While it is not uncommon for other pants to use stretch cotton, not many use four-way stretch. This means that our pants stretch on every axis, in every which way, for super, unprecedented comfort.

Durability: Since we knew how much you would love these pants, we wanted to make sure they would last. And last they will. All the seams are reinforced and the fabric is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. So go ahead and fall in love with the J.P. Chino, we promise it will never abandon or leave you broken hearted.

The J.P. fit is for the same guy seeking mobility and comfort, but with an added element of style, and hey, isn’t that just about everyone? Style, comfort, and durability, what more could a guy ask for? The answer is nothing, nothing at all.


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